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FAQ and House Rules


  • What are the options for dining nearby?

In Balatonkenese as well as in Balatonakarattya you can find varied and satisfying catering options. If you just want a quick snack, there is a free beach 650 m away from the house, where several beach buffets ensure that guests don't go hungry even if they don't like to cook (with one of the best “langos”on Lake Balaton) The Spoon Merkato,  dinner options, Pörcz, Katica Bakery breakfast areas are all within 3 km

  • What do we need to bring for grill/cooking??

You just have to bring what you want to eat! All barbeque equipment is available here.

  • What are the beaches like?

There are several beaches nearby, typically varying between 70-100 cm near the shore and deepens after 50 m. No pits, sandy bed.

  • Bring bed linen and towels?

It is not necessary to bring sheets and towels. We provide bed linen, quilts, large pillows, small pillows and small and large towels each.

  • Do you find a hair dryer, iron and clothes dryer?

IYes, you will find a hairdryer, iron, ironing board and clothes rack in both apartments.

  • Is there a cot in the house?

Not available

  • Do you have a coffee machine?

Both apartments have a coffee machine and we also provide a starter coffee set.

  • How big is the refrigerator in the house?

There are a total of 2 refrigerators, 320 liters with a freezer drawer and a 110 liters one.

  • Is it possible to pay by bank or SZÉP card?

Our guests can pay by bank transfer.

  • What are the other conditions?

Due to the nature of the area, we only accept children under the age of 1 and over the age of 8. We do not accept animals.

  • Is it possible to smoke in the villa?

No, smoking is not allowed in the house! There are several smoking areas in the yard.







  1. The booking becomes final once the deposit has been transferred. For high season and peak season bookings, the deposit is non-refundable even if guests do not occupy the accommodation. For bookings canceled 14 days before arrival, the reservation will be returned.                                                                          

  2. Due to the nature of the area, we only accept children under the age of 1 and over the age of 8, or with written notification from the parents that they are aware and assume the responsibility. We do not accept animals.

  3. Our guests can check in to the rooms after paying the full fee. The full holiday fee shall be paid 14 days prior to arrival.        

  4. In the case of earlier check-out no refund will be paid.         

  5. On arrival, guests must present their identity document (passport or ID card) for recording.                                                                    

  6. On arrival, guests will pay a deposit of EUR 450, which will be refunded on departure if no damage has occurred.                            

  7. Guests are financially responsible for any damage caused due to improper use. Furnishings in the apartment or room may only be rearranged with the prior consent of the owner.                    

  8. The guest shall pay for the damage caused. A list of equipment with values ​​is available on the property.                                                    

  9. Weekly bed linen change and final cleaning are included in the rate.     

  10. Please keep the order and cleanliness of the property. When leaving the apartment, do not leave unwashed dishes or trash in the rooms.       

  11. Guests are kindly asked to respect the tranquility and quiet of the area, refrain from undue loudness (shouting, loud music, etc.). This is especially true between 22:00 in the evening and 8:00 in the following morning.                                                                      

  12. The number of guests is limited to the number of guests registered in the booking. 

  13. The property owner is not responsible for the valuables left at the property!                                              

  14. The first aid box is located in the kitchen. In case of major problems, call the emergency number 112!                                              

  15. In the event of a fire, you will find a fire extinguisher in the lobby, immediately start the rescue and call the firefighters at 105 and then the landlord!                                                          

  16. Guests are required to meet the checking out deadline. Unless agreed in advance, the deadline is 10 am.                                  

  17. Guests must promptly notify the owner of any extraordinary events (eg. major malfunctions, damages, accidents, etc.) in the house or in the yard belonging to the house. We cannot accept subsequent complaints!                                                                                

  18. Smoking is not allowed in the house, only in designated areas (on the terrace or outdoors)!                                                              

  19. Fire in the yard is only allowed in designated areas! Grill and cooking can take place at the designated place. 

  20. Everyone can use the jacuzzi at their own risk. It is FORBIDDEN to bring glass or plastic glasses or bottles into the jacuzzi! Significant damage to the jacuzzi will result in the loss of the full deposit.

  21. An in-house event can only be arranged in advance with the owners.

  22. Before handing over the house, at arrival photos and video of the furnishing and equipment will be taken.                            


We wish you a good rest and a pleasant stay!

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