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Mirador Balaton design Villa
the place to delight you


Design Enteriour

Free Parking

Beach 650 m

Panorama Terraces & Jacuzzi

Navy anchor underwater

Jacht Harbour

The Mirador Balaton design Villa in Balatonakarattya, just a 10-minutes' walk from the free beach, 10 minutes from the Balatonfő yacht harbour and club welcomes families, groups of friends and small groups for relaxation and resting or team building up to 10+5 people.

​This Villa has been a guest house since the 1970s. Renovated in 2018, and reopened in 2019, you can be among the happy guests of this hilltop residence with an amazing panoramic view of the Lake.

There are 2 fully separated apartments in the three-level residence, but we prefer those guests who want to rent the entire villa for a stay with a larger friends' or family circle. The two large terraces with a panoramic view of Lake Balaton offer an idyllic sight. The 2400 sqm landscaped green area is also suitable for walking, relaxing, with its small Mediterranean garden. A covered outdoor area for barbequing, dining and wine tasting is also available. Three spacious bathrooms with showers, two fully equipped kitchen are waiting for those who want to rest and relax.
Being close to the main road, the bus stops in front of the site and the train station is just 5 minutes' walk, the Villa is easily accessible by public transportation. For cyclists, the bicycle ride track runs straight in front of the hill. 
The site leads to a steep hilltop, so children under the age of 8 are welcome with previous agreement with parents, in the interest of their own safety given the area's features.

Why us:

  • fabulous panorama of Lake Balaton on 3 levels, from every room

  • spacious, large spaces, special atmosphere, giant sun terraces

  • a remarkably renovated villa in 2018, opened in 2019 holiday venue  can be booked again

  • closest exit from Budapest, M7

  • Mauro Feretti design interior 

Mirador Balaton Villa Balatonakarattya
Mirador Balaton Villa
Balatoni panoráma
Terasz, fedett kiűlő
Konyha 1.
Konyha 2.
Hálószoba 1.
Hálószoba 2.
Hálószoba 3.
Nappali-háló stúdió 1.
Nappali-háló stúdió 2.
Emeleti szoba
Jó reggelt!
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Kilátás a Mirador Villából 1.
Kilátás a Mirador Villából 2.
Aranyhíd * Balaton
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